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Bill Hoff, Business Manager


(860) 668-3202

M&J Bus Company
(860) 668-6526

To reach someone between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. please call (860) 758-0499

Please note that the morning bus stop times are estimated and students should be at their designated bus stops 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Transportation is provided by M & J Bus Company.

Spaulding and McAlister 2022-2023 Routes

A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School and McAlister Intermediate School Morning Bus Routes - PDF

A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School and McAlister Intermediate School Afternoon Bus Routes - PDF

Middle and High School 2022-2023 Routes

Suffield Middle School and Suffield High School Morning Bus Routes - PDF

Suffield Middle School and Suffield High School Afternoon Bus Routes - PDF


If you have moved or have a change in daycare and you need to change your transportation requirements please contact your child's school.

A. Ward Spaulding School: 860-668-3826
McAlister Intermediate School: 860-668-3830
Suffield Middle School: 860-668-3820
Suffield High School: 860-668-3810

Crossing Agreements

On main roads, buses will drop students on the same side of the road as the student’s house. This can result in students being on the bus longer as they will not be dropped off until later in the run, even though the bus goes by their house on the opposite side earlier in the run. If you want to allow your student to cross the street, please complete the Crossing Agreement which you can download below.

Note: Even with a Crossing Agreement, the bus will wait with its lights flashing until the student has crossed the road before continuing on its run.

Crossing Agreement - PDF