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Meghan Voisine Fund Kindness Matters Grant

Meghan Voisine Fund Kindness Matters Grant

The Meghan Voisine Kindness Matters Fund has been established at Suffield Community Aid to provide individual students, student organizations and other youth organizations in Suffield with an opportunity to demonstrate acts of kindness, friendship and inclusion within our town.  We invite you to submit a proposal for your project, and we will select projects to be completed in 2023. 

Meghan was a student in Suffield Public Schools and was known among her friends and the community as a caring person who would always make the effort to make everyone around her feel happy and included.  She brought joy and laughter to any situation and could brighten anyone’s day with her infectious smile and kind words.  In her honor, we are looking to award grants to Suffield students and student/youth organizations who demonstrate her spirit of reaching out to others who may be in need or improving our community.

This year, Suffield Community Aid will award grants to students or student/youth organizations in grades 5-12 who propose and complete a project that benefits the community of Suffield.  Projects can be large or small and can be as creative as you can dream up. Projects can be completed alone or as a team, but only one grant will be awarded per project selected.  

In keeping with Meghan’s values, these projects should promote kindness, friendship and/or inclusion.  Examples of projects  include town wide clean-ups, performing services for disabled or elderly residents, student to student tutoring programs, establishing a program to embrace diversity within our town or collaborating with others in the community such as the senior center or school system to promote kindness.  

Last year we funded six student-led projects that demonstrated a wide array of kindness in Suffield. One welcomed new students to Suffield.  Another provided support for out-of-town students.  A third provided books to our younger students to start conversations about our diverse world.   One group undertook random acts of kindness within our community.   Our final grant recipient  created a collaborative mural that will travel throughout our community. 

This is an opportunity to take your creativity and energy and use it to improve our community and make a difference for others. 

If interested, please complete and submit the following application using this Google Doc or email it to  Describe your project, explain its benefits and list any expenses that might be incurred (think about materials you may need).  The grant will fund the cost of expenses required to complete the project.  Students should identify a mentor who will help to keep the project on track.  All applications must be submitted by Friday, March 17, 2023.   If you have any questions, please contact Suffield Community Aid at (860) 668-1986 or

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