The 2019-2020 proposed budget represents the work of the entire Leadership Team who has worked cooperatively to propose school/department budgets based on our improvement plan.

It is paramount that as a school district we budget to educate the “whole child” and therefore not simply focus on academics but also on that which will promote each student’s future success.

Some of the main focus points of the Superintendent’s proposed 2019-2020 budget are:

  • Continue to collaboratively support teachers through curriculum leaders/instructional coaches and teacher-led learning
  • Enhance all educational programs with a prime focus on special education
  • Provide additional staff (including, but not limited to: teachers and academic support) and professional development for staff especially in the area of literacy

The budget maintains appropriate class sizes, complies with federal and state mandates, and preserves safety and security. Funding is allocated to continue the support of an effective technology infrastructure network and a 1:1 digital environment.

The resulting budget is $36,511,008 that reflects an increase of $1,703,776 and represents a 4.89% year-to-year increase. The major drivers of the 4.89% increase include:

  • Contractual Salaries - 1.82%
  • Special Education - 1.79%
  • Health Insurance - 1.02%

While this budget does indeed address certain district priorities, it does not address all of them. On behalf of the Leadership Team, this budget is being presented to you as a realistic, fair, and honest assessment of that which will serve to move the district in a positive direction and at the same time begin to address district priorities.

Board of Education Public Hearing Budget Presentation - April 24, 2019 - PDF

Board of Education Budget Presentation to the Board of Finance – April 1, 2019 - PDF

Superintendent's Budget Presentation - January 22, 2019 - PDF