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FY 2024 BOE Proposed Budget

Please accept the following as an overview of the Board of Education’s recommended budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Next year’s proposal of $38,633,902 is a net increase of $2,173,259 over this year’s current budget of $36,460,643. Although the budget represents a increase of 5.96%, we believe it meets the current programming needs of the Suffield Public Schools and will be commensurate with proposed budgets across the State of Connecticut. 

In developing the FY24 budget proposal, careful consideration was given to the specific needs and requests made by each of our four schools. Our efforts to design a comprehensive PreK-12 budget required that we remain focused on our short-term systemic objectives, as well as, the vision we have for the future of the Suffield Public Schools.  It is very difficult to accurately predict the societal and workforce influences that will shape public education over the next several decades; however, we firmly believe our school district has established the systems and structures necessary to implement, evaluate, monitor and adjust as needed.  Further, we have tremendous confidence in our Board of Education, school and district leadership, and our faculty and staff in their collective efforts to inspire, support, and challenge one another’s thinking about school and district improvement for the betterment of the students and families we serve.  

For many years, the community of Suffield has leveraged its financial resources in support of our schools and the programs and services that we provide.  Our families understand the immense pressure we are under to meet ever-changing expectations, produce results, and overcome the challenges we face each and every day to meet the needs of our students. We greatly appreciate that there exists a collective understanding and realism that excellence in education takes time, commitment and effort, and the support of everyone.  We are motivated by what we have accomplished together as a school district, and we know that the Suffield Public Schools is well on its way to fulfilling the hopes and dreams of all current and future students and families.  

The following synopsis will provide you with considerations for the 2023-2024 budget proposal. 

Budget Drivers

Key Budget Initiatives

As we look into the future, our key initiatives in the 2023-2024 budget reflect the most current trends happening in schools across the country.  This budget proposal enhances our ability to provide new academic opportunities, intervention programming for students struggling in mathematics and literacy development, safety and security, as well as, improved mental health resources that will assist us in supporting the emotional well-being of students.

  • 1.0 FTE AWS & MIS Reading Interventionist (SHARED RESOURCE - CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 1.0 FTE Safety and Security Specialist (NON-CERTIFIED)

Wage and Benefit Increases:

In May 2022, the Board of Education collaborated with the Board of Finance in setting a 1.6% increase to the Board of Education budget.  Our enrollment declined by only 1 student in 2022-2023, and we do not anticipate any significant change to our enrollment for the upcoming school year.  For FY24, the fixed operating costs that substantiate our most significant drivers cannot be easily adjusted due to contractual obligations.  The budget drivers that represent the greatest share of our overall proposed 5.96% increase are the increases to our negotiated contracts and the projected increase to our self-funded health insurance costs.  This represents $24,748,154 (salaries) and $7,275,487 (benefits) of the budget proposal. 

Negotiated Wage Percentage Increases without Increment:

  • SEA (Teachers):
  • SAG (Administrators):
  • CHCA (Nurses):
  • Teamsters Local 671 (Para, Custodians, Secretaries, Academic Support):
  • CILU Local 222, Unit 38 (Food Service):
1.1% (on step); 2.75% (at max)

Health Insurance Collaborative w/Town:

  • Increase:

Personnel Addition and Restructuring

Our efforts to meet the needs of our current student population and district objectives provide the reasoning for the following projected staff changes for the 2023-2024 school year.  In our efforts to minimize a significant budget increase and create efficiencies, the following positions will be added or repurposed to provide additional services that are in alignment with school district objectives. We will be eliminating a team at Suffield Middle School.  The reduction of a middle school team has been proposed for several years due to declining enrollment, and it was determined that this would take place for the 2023-2024 school year.  The middle school administration has reviewed their current program needs, and can develop a schedule that supports their current middle school team model.  In addition, we will be proposing the elimination of the 6-8 Humanities Instructional Coach.  Our current 9-12 Instructional Coach will now oversee 6-12 Humanities, which is in alignment with our 6-12 Mathematics Instructional Coach.  This will also enable to closer oversight of instruction and sequencing of programs, interventions, and instruction across the secondary school paradigm.  As for non-certified positions, we are proposing an additional Safety and Security Specialist for the district. This will result in three Safety and Security Specialists responsible for coordination with the School Resource Officer, as well as, safety and security monitoring and oversight for the Suffield Public Schools.  
The following represent the proposed personnel changes to the 2023-2024 budget proposal.  

Budget Decrease Personnel Changes

  • 1.0 FTE SMS Social Studies Teacher (CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 1.0 FTE SMS Science Teacher (CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 1.0 FTE SMS English Language Arts Teacher (CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 1.0 FTE 6-8 Humanities Instructional Coach (CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 0.38 FTE Financial Analyst (NON-CERTIFIED)

Budget Increase Personnel Changes

  • 1.0 FTE AWS & MIS Reading Interventionist (CERTIFIED TEACHING)
  • 1.0 FTE Safety and Security Specialist (NON-CERTIFIED)

Budget Book

With this transmittal, you are receiving a formal budget book. The purpose in creating this budget book is to provide an organized, transparent and comprehensive resource to Board of Finance members about our current and projected revenues and expenses. Further, the budget book will serve as an accurate point of reference regarding our current spending projections. The format provides the answers to many questions that Board members may have or receive from community members seeking greater clarity around our fixed and variable operating expenditures.

In preparing this book, the Board of Education and district leadership spent months reviewing our current programs and services. To arrive at the next year’s proposed increase has been a lengthy and detail-oriented process. Both formal and informal discussions have been occurring at all levels, which gives us great confidence that the request is in alignment with the needs of the district.

We appreciate your support and look forward to our continued partnership on behalf of our schools and the community of Suffield.

Suffield Board of Education

Budget Documents

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Important Dates

  • Public Budget Hearing - April 26, 2023,  7:00-10:00 Suffield Middle School
  • Town Meeting - May 10, 2023, 7:00-10:00 Suffield Middle School

Please Note: These dates are subject to change. Official notices will be posted on the Town of Suffield website.