The following is an introductory overview of the proposed budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  Next year’s proposal of $36,509,475 is a $961,605 increase over this year’s current budget of $35,547,870.  The 2.71% increase that is being proposed represents a modest and responsible budget that honors the values and aspirations of our school district, while considering the current fiscal climate of the State of Connecticut.

As your new Superintendent of Schools, I have made it my priority to learn as much as possible about our district’s educational program since my arrival in July.  I have had the opportunity to attend various town meetings and community functions, which have been very helpful in gaining a holistic perspective of the Town of Suffield with regard to its hallmarks and challenges.  What I have learned in my short tenure, is that the community as a whole has made a long-standing commitment to seeing the quality of life improve for its residents.  With this, I have heard from a wide-ranging cross section of the community who appreciate and support education, and understand that the community’s vibrancy and future is largely dependent on the success of its two elementary schools. 

Our schools continue to ensure that our Pre-K-12 and 18-21 students are provided full access to the knowledge and skills that are prerequisite to secondary education, post-secondary education, and/or career opportunities.  Each of our schools have been recognized for their comprehensive programming, and the high quality of teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms.  This is the result of years of collaboration and support, and our continued efforts as a community will ensure that we attract and fulfill our commitment to Suffield families for generations to come. 

Throughout the budget process each year, it is important to acknowledge what makes our schools and the entire community of Suffield unique.  It is my hope that we will be reminded of this as we do our best to uphold our fiduciary responsibilities while considering what it will take to ensure our students are provided the competitive edge that is required for them to be successful in the years ahead.  The following synopsis will provide you with considerations for the 2020-2021 budget proposal. 

2020-2021 Budget Calendar

2020-2021 Budget Book

Superintendent's Presentation to the Board of Education 

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