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2021-2022 Board of Education Budget

Please accept the following as an overview of the Board of Education budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  Next year’s proposal for the Public Hearing on May 12, 2021 of $35,901,022 is a net increase of $0 over this year’s current budget of $35,901,023.  The level-funded budget that is being proposed represents a modest and responsible budget, yet it dutifully represents our mission and vision in numbers.

Our Board of Education, district and school staff, parents, and our Suffield residents are all working in partnership to establish progressive educational opportunities for our students.  We have made significant progress to date, and our curriculum and program offerings are competitive with the majority of districts in the state of Connecticut.

Even during our current pandemic, we have remained true to our mission, values, and the strategic goals of the district. However, it is as important today as it was in the past that we continue our momentum forward.  In preparing the 2021-2022 Board of Education budget, careful consideration was made with regard to the fiscal status of the State of Connecticut.  In addition, the district reviewed current practices, reflected on the diverse needs of our students, and incorporated only those items which we believe are key initiatives worthy of consideration.  The personnel, programs and services included in the budget are of utmost importance to meeting the needs of the students we have been entrusted to serve.

The following synopsis will provide you with considerations for the 2021-2022 budget proposal.

Budget Drivers

Key Budget Initiatives

As we look into the future, our key initiatives in the 2021-2022 budget reflect the most current trends happening in schools across the country.  This budget proposal enhances our ability to provide new opportunities in athletics, academics, social emotional programming, and custodial support. 

  • 1.0 FTE Director of Athletics and Student Activities
  • 0.38 FTE Custodial Support
  • Classroom Library Resources
  • EASTCONN Psychological and Behavioral Support Services
  • Teachers College Readers and Writers Project Professional Development

Wage and Benefit Increases:

In May 2020, the Board of Finance voted to approve a 0.99% increase to the Board of Education budget.  This resulted in our current operating budget which represented a $353,153 budget increase for the 2020-2021 school year.  Although we anticipate a slight enrollment decline of 31 students in 2021-2022, our fixed operating costs that substantiate our most significant drivers cannot be easily adjusted due to contractual obligations.  The budget drivers that represent the greatest share of our overall proposed 1.36% increase are the increases to our negotiated contracts and the projected increase to our self-funded health insurance costs.  This represents $23,906,731 (salaries) and $6,679,841 (insurance) of the budget proposal. 

Negotiated Wage Increases:

  • SEA (Teachers):
  • SAG (Administrators):
  • CHCA (Nurses):
  • Teamsters Local 671 (Para, Custodians, Secretaries, Academic Support):
  • CILU Local 222, Unit 38 (Food Service): 
1.1% (incl. Step)
2.0% (incl. Step)
2.0% (incl. Step)
2.0% (incl. Step)
2.0% (incl. Step)

Health Insurance Partnership:

  • Increase:                      10%

Personnel Reductions

Our efforts to meet the needs of our current student population and district objectives provides the reasoning for projected staff changes for the 2021-2022 school year.  In our efforts to minimize a significant budget increase, the following positions will be phased out with the positions being re-purposed to provide additional services that are in alignment with school district objectives.  The following staffing reductions are a part of the Superintendent’s
2021-2022 budget proposal. 

  • (2) Administrator Work Year Reductions
    • 260 Day Administrator Positions Reduced to 210 Day Positions
      • Intermediate Assistant Principal
      • Elementary Special Education Supervisor
  • 0.8 FTE (Non-admin. Athletic Director) & 0.2 FTE (High School Physical Education)
  • $6,633 (Athletic Director Stipend)
  • 1.0 FTE (ELL Teacher)
  • 0.5 FTE (Secretary – MIS)
  • 1.0 FTE (Secretary – SHS)
  • 6.6 FTE (Paraprofessional – District-wide)
  • 0.8 FTE SHS Hall Monitors

Budget Book

With this transmittal, you are receiving an executive summary of the Board of Education budget.  The purpose in creating this summary is to provide an organized, transparent and comprehensive resource to community members about our current and projected revenues and expenses.  Further, the summary will serve as an accurate point of reference regarding our current spending projections.  The format provides the answers to many questions the community has raised seeking greater clarity around our fixed and variable operating expenditures.

In preparing this book, the district spent months reviewing our current programs and services.  To arrive at the next year’s level-funded budget, has been a lengthy and detail oriented process.  Both formal and informal discussions have been occurring at all levels, which gives us great confidence that the request is in alignment with the needs of the district.  


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