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Data Privacy and Security

The Suffield Public Schools follow legal requirements to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff while using digital resources.

The district complies with State and Federal legislative regulations such as the new Act Concerning Student Data Privacy (PA:16-189) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Although many regulations apply only to students, the district is committed to protecting the privacy of all of our data services. Suffield Public Schools work to invest in and develop policies and practices that give our students and staff members powerful and safe educational experiences both online and in our classrooms.

Approved Resources

The following resources have been approved for use in Suffield Public Schools.  See below for resource descriptions and privacy agreements.

Abdo Digital - Approved
AET by HEM - Approved
Aperture Education - Approved
Artsonia - Approved
Assistments - Approved
Beneficient Technology - Approved
BOKS - Approved
Book Creator by Tools for Schools  - Approved
Booksource Classroom Organizer - Approved
Boom Learning - Approved
BreakoutEDU - Approved
CareerSafe - Approved
Cengage - Approved
CEV Multimedia - Approved
Chief Architect - Approved - Approved
CoderZ - Approved
CommonLit - Approved
Conjuguemos by Yegros - Approved
Contribute Cloud - Approved
Dreambox - Approved
EDPuzzle - Approved
Edulastic - Approved
EverFI - Approved
Finalsite - Approved
Flat by Tutteo, Inc. - Approved
Flipgrid - Approved
Follett Destiny - Approved
Frontline Education - Approved
Gizmos by ExploreLearning - Approved
Google G Suite for Education - Approved
Grynn & Barrett Photography - Approved
Happy Numbers - Approved
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Approved
IXL - Approved
Journey 2050 by NAITCO - Approved
Kendall Hunt - Approved
Khan Academy - Approved
Knowledge Matters - Approved
Learning A-Z - Approved
Legends of Learning - Approved
Lexia - Approved
Literacy Footprints - Approved
MakeCode by Microsoft - Approved
McGraw Hill - Approved
Membean - Approved
Minecraft Education Edition - Approved
MobyMax - Approved
Movia Robotics - Approved
Multihealth Systems Assessments - Approved
Naviance by Hobsons - Approved
NCS Pearson - Approved
Nearpod - Approved
NewsELA - Approved
Next Wave Automation - Approved
NoRedInk - Approved
One More Story - Approved
Onshape - Approved
Open Up Resources - Approved
Overdrive - Approved
Ozobot - Approved
Padlet - Approved
Pear Deck for Google Slides - Approved
Pearson Education - Approved
PowerSchool - Approved
PSNI SNAP - Approved
Quizlet - Restricted
Read Naturally - Approved
ReadWorks - Approved
Reflex by ExploreLearning - Approved
Renaissance Learning - Approved
Screencastify - Approved
SmartMusic - Approved
Socrative - Approved
Sora - Approved
Soundtrap - Approved
Storyboard That - Approved - Approved
Stutkent - Approved
Sunburst Digital Type to Learn - Approved
Sutori - Approved
SyAM Software - Approved
the Physics Classroom - Approved
The Virtual High School - Approved
Turnitin  - Approved - Approved
WeVideo - Approved
Zoom - Approved

Resources Waiting for Approval

The following resources have not yet been approved for use in Suffield Public Schools, but privacy agreements have been sent to the vendors requesting compliance.  See below for resource descriptions and status of requests.

ALL Literacy - Pending
AssistiveWare - Pending
Beautiful Audio Editor - Pending
BloomyPro - Pending
BookWidgets - Pending
BrainPop - Pending
Canva - Pending
Desmos, Inc. - Pending - Pending
Drawdown Ecochallenge - Pending
Epic! - Pending
Esri ArcGIS- Pending
Happy Neuron - Pending
Homestyler - Pending
Hoopla - Pending
iCulture - Pending
Kaizena - Pending
Math Facts Pro - Pending
MathType by Wiris - Pending
National Emergency Library - Pending
NY Times - Pending
PhET Simulations - Pending
Powtoon - Pending
Quill - Pending
Tiki-Toki - Pending
Tween Tribune - Pending
Vocalbulary Spelling City - Pending
WorldBook Online - Pending

Resources That Are NOT Approved

The following resources have NOT been approved for use in Suffield Public Schools.  The vendors of these resources have refused requests to sign privacy agreements.

Autodesk TinkerCAD - Denied
Duolingo - Denied
Hypothesis - Denied
LAMP Words for Life - Denied
Mentimeter - Denied
Poll Everywhere - Denied
Quizzizz - Denied
Scribd - Denied
Six Flags Read to Succeed - Denied
SketchUp - Denied
Slido - Denied
Song Exploder - Denied
Vocaroo - Denied
VoiceThread - Denied
Weebly - Denied