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Series 5000 - Students

5125.3 - I. Elementary and Secondary - B. Progress Reports - (8) Student Records; Confidentiality - (c) Directory Information
Posted 03/15/2012 03:00PM


Series 5000 - Students

I. Elementary and Secondary

B. Progress Reports

(8) Student Records; Confidentiality

(c) Directory Information

Directory information means those items of personally identifiable information contained in a student education record which is not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released. The following categories are designated as directory information. The following directory information may be released to the public through appropriate procedures:

  1. Student's name;
  2. Student's address;
  3. Student's telephone listing;
  4. Student's electronic address;
  5. Student's photograph;
  6. Date and place of birth;
  7. Major field of study;
  8. Participation in officially recognized sports and activities;
  9. Weight and height of athletic team members;
  10. Dates of attendance;
  11. Degrees or awards received;
  12. Most recent previous school or program attended.

Public Notice
The district will give annual public notice to parents of students in attendance and students eighteen years of age or emancipated. The notice shall identify the types of information considered to be directory information, the district's option to release such information and the requirement that the district must, by law, release secondary student's names, addresses and telephone numbers to military recruiters and/or institutions of higher education, unless parents or eligible students request the district withhold this information and provide prior written consent to release such information. Such notice will be given prior to release of directory information.

Exclusions from any or all directory categories named as directory information or release of information to military recruiters and/or institutions of higher education must be submitted in writing to the Principal by the parent/guardian, student of eighteen years of age or emancipated student with fifteen days of the annual public notice. A parent or student eighteen years of age or an emancipated student, may not opt out of directory information to prevent the District from disclosing or requiring a student to disclose their name [identifier, institutional email address in a class in which the student is enrolled] or from requiring a student to disclose a student ID card or badge that exhibits information that has been properly designated directory information by the District in this policy.

Directory information shall be released only with administrative direction.

Directory information considered by the District to be detrimental will not be released.

Information will not be given over the telephone except in health and safety emergencies.

At no point will a student's Social Security Number or student identification number be considered directory information.

(cf. 5125 Student Records; Confidentiality)
(cf. Reg. 5125 E.)
(cf. Reg. 5125 – Appendix A – FERPA)

Legal Reference:

Connecticut General Statutes

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Policy Adopted: June 3, 2014 SUFFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Policy Revised:

November 21, 2016

Suffield, Connecticut

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