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Series 5000 - Students

5131.9 REG - 1. Elementary and Secondary C. Activities (1) Conduct (q) Gang Activity or Association
Posted 09/01/2011 09:00AM

5131.9 REG

Series 5000 - Students

1.   Elementary and Secondary

C.  Activities

(1)  Conduct

(q) Gang Activity or Association

The type of dress, apparel, activities, acts, behavior or manner of grooming displayed, reflected or participated in by the student shall not:

  1. Lead school officials to reasonably believe that such behavior, apparel, activities, acts, or other attributes are gang related and would disrupt or interfere with the school environment or activity and/or education objectives.  No student on or about school property or at any school activity shall:  wear, possess, use distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, or other things which are evidence of membership or affiliation in any gang; 
  2. Present a physical safety hazard to self, students, staff, and other employees; 
  3. Create an atmosphere in which a student, staff or other person's well-being is hindered by undue pressure, behavior, intimidation, overt gesture, or threat of violence; including but not limited to: 
    • soliciting others for membership into any gangs 
    • requesting any person to pay protection or otherwise intimidating or threatening any person. 
    • committing any other illegal act or other violation of school district policies 
    • inciting other students to act with physical violence upon any other person 
  4. Imply gang membership or affiliation by gesture, handshakes, etc., and written communication, marks, drawing, painting, design, emblem upon any school or personal property or on one's person.

If the student's behavior or other attribute is in violation of these provisions, the Principal or designee will request the student to make the appropriate correction.  If the student refuses, the parent/guardian may be notified and asked to make the necessary correction.  The Principal will take appropriate corrective and disciplinary action.

Students identified as being gang involved, influences, or affiliated will be provided assistance, and/or programs which discourage gang involvement or affiliation, enhance self-esteem, encourage interest and participation in school or other positive activities and promote membership in authorize school organizations.

Training to provide increased awareness of the threat to the safety of students, staff, and school property which gang-related activity poses, shall be provided on an as-needed basis.  Additional presentation will be made available to individual schools, staff or students at the request of the Principal.  Presentations will provide training in current identification symbols used by those involved in gang-related activity and will include things such as the identification of hand signal, apparel, jewelry, and/or any other pertinent gang-related information.


Regulation Adopted: May 18, 2010 SUFFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
    Suffield, Connecticut

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