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Series 5000 - Students

5118 - 1. Elementary and Secondary - A. Attendance - (18) Non-Resident Students
Posted 06/01/2013 02:00PM


Series 5000 - Students

1. Elementary and Secondary

A. Attendance

(18) Non-Resident Students

  1. Application and Admission
    1. Application for admission for non-resident students will be made on a standard form provided by the school district.
    2. Applications must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.
    3. The Superintendent of Schools will approve non-resident students for admission based on the recommendation of the building Principal or Director of Special Services.
    4. Non-resident students will be provided, with the exception of transportation, all of the typical services and programs provided to resident students, as well as being subject to all administrative rules and regulations.
  2. Tuition
    1. For tuition fees, refer to Policy #3240 – Tuition Fees.
    2. Tuition will be waived for any student brought to Suffield by a Foreign Exchange Program approved by the Suffield Board of Education.
    3. Students whose parents have signed a rental lease or contract to purchase or build a residence in Suffield, with the intent of dwelling in said residence with 60 calendar days, shall have the tuition fee waived. Copies of the above legal documents may be requested for inspection by the Superintendent of Schools. In the event that a certificate of occupancy is not issued and/or the family is not able to take possession or occupy the residence within the above prescribed time, a per diem tuition charge shall be levied beginning on the 61st calendar day until possession or occupancy occurs. There shall be no diminution of this charge due to a student's excused or unexcused absence from school.
    4. Regularly enrolled children of families who have moved out of the Town of Suffield during the fourth academic quarter may complete the school year tuition free. Regularly enrolled seniors, in good standing, at Suffield High School, whose families have moved out of the Town of Suffield after the completion of the junior year, may complete the senior year at a per diem tuition charge 20% of the rate computed as outlined in Policy #3240 except for the fourth academic quarter which shall be tuition free. The Superintendent in his/her sole discretion based upon review of family circumstances and student need may allow a student(s) who has moved out of Suffield to complete the current academic year in Suffield.
  3. Transportation
    Transportation is the responsibility of the non-resident student.
  4. Exclusion of Students
    The school system reserves the right to exclude any non-resident student from school. When, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Schools, a student should be excluded, the Superintendent of Schools shall notify the student and his/her parents in writing of this recommendation and afford them the opportunity to request a formal hearing before the Board of Education prior to the effective date of the exclusion. Any violation of the non-resident student application agreement may result in immediate exclusion.
  5. Definition of Resident Student
    Students who are regularly enrolled in the Suffield Public Schools due to: their residence in Suffield, sanctioned foster home relationship, placement by DCF or court order, or placement due to collaborative agreements among area Superintendents of Schools for vocational or other specialized instructional programs; shall not be subject to the provisions of this policy and will be permitted to enroll in any course of instruction or use classroom facilities.

(cf. 3240 – Tuition Fees)

Policy Adopted: August 10, 2000SUFFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Policy Revised:February 26, 2013
December 15, 2015
Suffield, Connecticut

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