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Series 3000 - Business & Non-Instructional Operations

3221REG - 2. Income - B. State Funds - (1) IDEA Program/Fiscal Compliance Reporting
Posted 06/01/2013 03:00PM


Series 3000 - Business & Non-Instructional Operations

2.   Income

B. State Funds

(1) IDEA Program/Fiscal Compliance Reporting

The Suffield Board of Education will, in all respects, comply with the requirements of state and federal law with regard to special education fiscal compliance.  Pursuant to the IDEA and its associated regulations, the Board shall specifically ensure compliance with the fiscal provisions of the IDEA, as they may be amended from time to time.

All property, equipment and supplies that are purchased using IDEA Grant Funds purchased specifically for instructional and education use shall be:

  • labeled as being purchased with IDEA funds, including equipment supplied to students with disabilities attending private schools at parental expense;
  • labeled to include: Suffield Public Schools, IDEA Funds Purchased;
  • for assistive technology, instructional or educational use;
  • obtained as Purchase Orders indicate the source of funds.

Funding provided to the Board through an IDEA grant must be used to supplement state, local and other federal funds, not to supplant those funds.  The Board shall comply with all federal and state laws in this regard.

Parentally Placed Private School of Students with Disabilities Expenditures
Pupil Services will maintain an on-going census of all students with disabilities who are eligible for special education and attend school within the bounds of the district. Private schools in the district will receive services as determined by the district equal to a proportional share of the IDEA funds received annually by the district. The proportionate share shall be calculated on an annual basis.

  • The formula for the proportional share is determined by the total number of students with disabilities identified on the October 1 census data provided to the State of Connecticut for all students attending the Suffield Public Schools and private schools including religious that fall within the district’s geographical boundaries; and any student attending the private schools that had been identified to receive services where a parent has subsequently enrolled that student in a private school and has not been receiving services while attending the private school. The percentage of the students attending the private schools is determined by the following formula:

    Total Number of Identified Students with Disabilities Attending Private School
    Total Number of All Identified Students with Disabilities (Private and Public)

    The percentage as calculated above is the percentage of the amount of funding for special education services that the district must provide to eligible private school students that have been privately placed by their parents.

  • The Director of Pupil Services shall meet annually with all private school representatives to consult on matters related to the distribution of funds under IDEA. Documentation regarding annual meetings shall be maintained in by the Pupil Services Department.
  • The Pupil Services Department shall maintain budgets with regard to the manner in which IDEA grant funds are expended to eligible parentally placed private school students with disabilities.

Maintenance of Effort (MOE)
The Suffield Public Schools will maintain their Special Education Budget at the same amount budgeted or spent in the prior year.

Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS)
Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) may be used to support students in grades K-12 who are not currently identified as needing special education or related services, but who need additional academic or behavioral support to succeed in a general education environment.  Up to 15% of IDEA grant funds may be used for CEIS.  In this regard, the Director of Special Education or his/her designee shall maintain procedures to ensure that:

  • The funds used for CEIS are used only for the K-12 levels;
  • Pupil Services will maintain documentation to track students receiving CEIS directly over a three year period to see if they are eligible for special education/related services.
  • Students receiving CEIS are tracked directly over a three-year period to determine if, at any time during this period, these students should be referred for special education services.
  • Documentation of funds spent on professional development are maintained, which documentation shall include the teachers who receive professional development for CEIS and the names of the students of those teachers who would have benefited from the teacher receiving the professional development.

Excess Cost Calculation - Federal Requirement
The Board shall comply with federal law with regard to the calculation of excess cost.  The Director of Special Education or his/her designee shall maintain documentation regarding the separate excess cost calculations for elementary and secondary school students, as well as the formulas used for each level of students.

Legal Reference:

34 CFR Section 300.144
34 CFR Section 300.202(a) (3)
34 CFR Section 300.133(d)
34 CFR Section 300.203
34 CFR Section 300.205(d); Section 300.226(a)
34 CFR Section 300.818, Appendix A


Regulation adopted: February 15, 2011 SUFFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS



Suffield, Connecticut

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