Suffield Public Schools TEACHER of the YEAR NOMINEES
Posted 04/24/2014 04:04PM

Each of the candidates nominated for Teacher of the Year has displayed a passion for teaching and leading through their work both in the classroom and in staff development that has been witnessed by their colleagues and led to their individual nominations. These members of our learning community have earned the respect, admiration and trust of their colleagues, parents and students. The nominees exemplify the qualities we look for in the Suffield Public Schools; creativity, dedication, a love of learning, mastery of content and a true commitment to excellence.

These nominees have established learning environments that encourage students to be risk-takers much as they all are. They are passionate about the work they do to improve student learning and continuously try to find ways to improve their teaching.

Please take the time to join me in congratulating our 2014-2015 Suffield Public Schools Teacher of the Year Nominees:

* Ned Sullivan, Guidance Counselor, Suffield High School
* Gina Quimby, Grade 4 Teacher, McAlister Intermediate School
* Danielle Bennett, Grade 5 Teacher, McAlister Intermediate School
* Mario Carullo, Math Teacher, Suffield Middle School
* Alicia Pitocco, Grade 4 Teacher, McAlister Intermediate School
* Yvette Leahey, Grade 2 Teacher, A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School
* Kris Pryce, Reading Specialist, A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School
* Erin Grasso, Grade 1 Teacher, A. Ward Spaulding Elementary School 

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